A miniature jug of Fairy Milk on a Necklace
Fairy Milk Necklace

fairy milk science experiments

Fairy Milk Necklace: The Spell

1. Focus on what you would like to create next in your world. Make it into a wish. This could be a smile on a particular loved one’s face, or something more ‘objecty’ like a short essay exploring the relationship between television shows featuring characters who are “specialists” in their fields, and the resulting effects of overspecialized language entering popular culture’s arsenal of misunderstood terms in danger of ‘slangifying’ an ever-responsive English dictionary. It could also be an exultant bouquet of flowers. All creations are valid.

2. Pour the milk into the plate until the bottom is covered and the dish is nearly full.

3. Add one drop of each color of food coloring to the milk. The droplets should be near the center of the dish, but not touching each other.

4. The Blessing: Dip the tip of the cotton swab (a.k.a. magic wand) into the soap.

5. Hold onto one end of the wand and dip the soapy end into the center of the milk.

6. Focus on your wish and count to ten while you hold the wand in the milk.

7. If the colors begin to swirl together, you have made fairy milk and your wish is possible!

What should happen:

When you place your cotton wand into the center and hold it perfectly still, suddenly, the colors will begin to spiral and swirl all on their own in beautiful patterns. Each fairy milk spell looks different from every other, but all are swirly and full of colorful motion.

Safety notes: The contents of this necklace are not edible! The inside of the glass is painted.