Optimist Detector Amulet: A divination locket, invented by Sarah Zar. This can be used to interpret whether someone is feeling optimistic or pessimistic, and often quite a bit more is revealed. Anyone familiar with Tarot cards will find these amulets extremely useful.
Optimist Detector Amulet ©

Optimist Detector Amulet


Stare into the window, and what do you see?  These were invented to facilitate the creation of narratives to interpret the historical shifts playing out in people’s lives at the moment the reading is performed.  Each one comes with a miniature instructional brochure, but the rules are fairly simple. These open concept mystery houses can be used when meeting new people to detect optimists. Have the subject (/ potential new friend/ client/ mark) tell you their first instinctive explanation for the light in/around the window of the house depicted in the amulet.  If the response is something benign, like ceiling fixtures or candle light, or visiting neighbors, odds are good you have just met an optimist.  If the response is more dire, like a house-fire, odds aren’t bad that you may have just met a cynic.  Both optimistic and non-optimistic answers can be interpreted as you would interpret a dream, or a spread of tarot cards for additional insight. These psychological amulets are available through Etsy.  For more details about using Optimist Detector Amulets © for divination, or to get your own, visit: http://etsy.me/2fm5VPF