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Sarah Zar's Famous Cranberry Sauce Recipe

True Blathe Cranberry Sass

In the spirit of both the bloody historical implications, and the tradition of sharing food and gratitude with blood and kin, I offer you my favorite cranberry sauce recipe. As an added bonus to cooking with painters, this one looks very much like a gothic bloodbath.

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Time to make art, a palette knife for time based media, by Sarah Zar. The mixing area of this art tool is made from the hour and second hands of a clock.

This Is Why The World Needs You

Dear Artists,

We’re all feeling it today, but remember this: the presence of the arts and their makers is the number one indicator of a safe space.

Where there is art, there is room for the Other.

Acts of creation are signposts, proving that places still exist where it is safe to freely make art.  And this is something that feels very real to me, since (like all of you) I am descended from a long line of marginalized people; women, Holocaust survivors, escapees from traumatic regimes, former slaves, introverts, bibliophiles, academics, nomads, the poor, the mysterious, people who don’t quite fit, the long and thinning line of our now faceless, raceless ancestors.

This is extremely significant. You are extremely significant.  And when I see you, my dear artists and friends, creating anything, sharing anything you poured your souls into, it shows me that there are outposts. Lanterns. Interstitial zones, thriving.

There are safe places where society’s outsiders can still utter our visions. Please do not withdraw… Every painting or sculpture or song you make designates a safe space, for makers, for outsiders, for Everyone Else.

This is a time for artists to claim these zones on the psychological map of the world. Keep making. Keep writing. Keep singing. Keep Happening.

Don’t disappear. We need you to make us feel safe.  To make it better.  To make what you will.

With love,
Your Stranger

Framed print on plastic of a backwards "thank you" plastic bag for good luck in store, by Sarah Zar

Oracles & Evacuations

Oracles and Evacuations is a combination of installation, projection, mysterium, psychological amulets, painting, drawing, an imaginary pop-up oracle shop/performance piece called Into The Forest*, and other curiosities.  The project deals with oracles, evacuations, trauma, and the roles of deception and imagination in healing.  What you see here are small elements from the large installation of the Oracles & Evacuations series.  (This page will be updated as more photographs are taken of the work.)

painted portrait of a woman channeling lightning with hands folded in her lap - elemental magic, materia prima
“Channel” painting by Sarah Zar, from the Oracles & Evacuations Series, 2016.

Channel is on view at Stephen Romano’s “Materia Prima”, at BLAM gallery, Brooklyn, through the end of November.

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