Lateral Math, a comic about the Riemann Zeta function. Mathematical jokes

Lateral Math

The Riemann zeta function or Euler–Riemann zeta function, ζ(s), is a function of a complex variable s that analytically continues the sum of the infinite series [insert math here], which converges when the real part of s is greater than 1. For various reasons, it is one of the most enchanting subjects of fascination for analytic number theorists and other mathematicians of today. The people who study it tend to be absolutely brilliant, so as a little present, I made this for them. It’s a bit lateral. I’m still waiting for one of them to randomly stumble upon this and get the joke…. if that someone is you, let me know so I can smile about it!
Excerpt from “Dysfunctional Comics for The Riemann Zeta Function”