Me and My Shadow (video still)
Me and My Shadow (video still)

Me and My Shadow (video still)

Official Music Video, Me and My Shadows:

“…dark ambient… I really enjoy the vibe the vocals ride (that sense that almost coalesces into something like a singalong but holds back tantalizingly) and I enjoyed the subtle slow-crawl towards clarity that occurs throughout the track.”

– Trevor Zapel, of


Me and my shadows
are always slipping away
from each other

I got used to the dark
beneath my skin
around my shoulders

but any river can run dry
even in ever-present skies
and light can be the undertow.

Don’t lose your edge
though time corrodes
your sharpened places.

When you slip away
I lose sight of my darkest faces.

A pull of the thread
my shadow’s parting
closes the seam

and I can feel the tension here
as she starts to disappear
the tightening stitch
her darkness fades
she shows me how to slip away
by learning something insidious and slow
that light can be the undertow.