Free print-at-home Greeting Card!

  You can click the image below and drag it onto your desktop to save it. It’s made for standard 8.5″ x 11″ printer paper (any white or light/colored paper will work).  This free, printable greeting card is blank inside.  I made them to celebrate the upcoming February release of Riddled with Spots.

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This Is Why The World Needs You

Dear Artists, We’re all feeling it today, but remember this: the presence of the arts and their makers is the number one indicator of a safe space. Where there is art, there is room for the Other. Acts of creation are signposts, proving that places still exist where it is safe to freely make art. …

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Oracles & Evacuations

Oracles and Evacuations is a combination of installation, projection, mysterium, psychological amulets, painting, drawing, an imaginary pop-up oracle shop/performance piece called Into The Forest*, and other curiosities.  The project deals with oracles, evacuations, trauma, and the roles of deception and imagination in healing.  What you see here are small elements from the large installation of the …

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