Oracles & Evacuations

Oracles and Evacuations is a combination of installation, projection, mysterium, psychological amulets, painting, drawing, an imaginary pop-up oracle shop/performance piece called Into The Forest*, and other curiosities.  The project deals with oracles, evacuations, trauma, and the roles of deception and imagination in healing.  What you see here are small elements from the large installation of the Oracles & Evacuations series.  (This page will be updated as more photographs are taken of the work.)

painted portrait of a woman channeling lightning with hands folded in her lap - elemental magic, materia prima
“Channel” painting by Sarah Zar, from the Oracles & Evacuations Series, 2016.

Channel is on view at Stephen Romano’s “Materia Prima”, at BLAM gallery, Brooklyn, through the end of November.

Optimist Detector Amulets

These divination lockets can be used to interpret whether someone is feeling optimistic or pessimistic, and often quite a bit more is revealed. Anyone familiar with Tarot cards will find these amulets extremely useful.

Orange oil painting of a girl with a demon dancing on her shoulder, voodoo style. A Sarah Zar portrait with large brushstrokes.
Serpent House, Oracles & Evacuations series, ~7″ x 7.5″


Intricate Victorian oracle painting of a woman in a white lace dress with a house fire, by Sarah Zar
Taken And Made In The Dark



ceramic sculpture of an 18th century woman with a third eye.
Modified Woman


*Into The Forest is a performative installation piece, and part of the Oracles & Evacuations Series.   It is an imaginary shop of psychological amulets, sleep of time necklaces, framed reverse karma thank you bags, optimist detectors, writers’ block charms, nightmare catchers, dark thread oracle snips, etc.  **A caveat about magical objects from Into The Forest’s shop.  Here, ‘magic’ is defined as either science people don’t understand, psychology people don’t understand, or Other. You are responsible for your own wishes. If your wish is something like “I wish to be able to fly” and then you jump off a very tall tree branch instead of going for a ride in an airplane or taking trapeze lessons, that’ falls under the category of ’you don’t understand magic very well, do you?’ and we are not responsible for the results. If you would like to take trapeze lessons, I highly recommend a visit to the amazing flying teachers at Circus Warehouse!

If you are interested in any of these gift items, feel free to make an inquiry using the contact form.  Some of them are for a dear


Memory Fingers

In olden days, people tied pieces of cloth around any painful part of their body to hold the “spirit of life” in that area. They believed this would cure it and keep the pain from spreading to other parts of the body. The tradition of tying a string on the finger was similarly designed to “keep” the thought there, to be remembered later when it was needed.

Give this handmade sculpted finger as a gift to help preserve a memory or to create a new one. (*…could theoretically be used for blackmail, but if it is, I accept no responsibility for that…or for laughing.)

The tag reads: “I will always remember …”
The reverse is blank so you can fill in the personal memory or an important date.  The object will serve as a physical reminder of the memories you choose.

Fairy Milk Necklace

This charm may be worn by any who wish to master the secrets of Fairy Milk.  Wear the fairy milk necklace as a reminder of all you can create!  This spell is an excellent exercise for adults and children alike.  Comes with instructions (printed tiny, of course) for the Fairy Milk Spell.

How To Cast The Fairy Milk Spell

*Due to the delicate nature of the materials, the spell’s ingredients do not come with this necklace, but they are listed below, and instructions will be included when you order a Spelled Fairy Milk Necklace.  Supplies you will need for this spell:

* 2% or whole milk
* Dawn or Joy dish soap in a small cup or container (just a thimble-full will do)
* A dish with a bit of depth (a dinner plate will do)
* red, yellow, green, and blue food coloring
* a cotton swab to use as a magic wand

Casting The Spell: For step by step instructions, click on the image of the necklace above.

miniature book necklace with a charm written inside to ward off writers' block
Miniature book necklace with a charm written inside to ward off writer’s block.

Absit Omen Charm, for writers

A “May the omen be absent” miniature book necklace to ward off writer’s block. To be worn by anyone embarking upon a written journey, as a reminder that even an empty page has a charm of its own. And where there is charm, there is inevitably response.

“To avoid writer’s block, all you must do is remember the simple magic of words: namely, that nearly anything can be pressed intimately between the smooth abyss of two small pages. Lean into the page and perform intricate movements with ink until you are ready to ask your first question, which is often one of desire … what do you desire to contain?”

About This Miniature Book Necklace

Absit omen is Latin for “May the omen be absent”, which means may this not be an omen. The words are a psychological talisman to ward off the ever-dreaded writer’s block.

This Charm for Writers on a vintage chain necklace is an excellent bauble for eccentric bibliophiles.  The tiny book itself measures 5/8″ wide x 7/8″ tall x 1/8″ thick.  The pages inside are blank, except for the first page, which has a handwritten message.  The blank pages inside this little book can be used to write down tiny (important) notes to remember, little musings, or sweet nothings to be kept close.

backwards thank you plastic bag
Thank You Thank You Thank You. The Oracles & Evacuations installation contains a whole wall full of these signs.

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