Optimist Detector Locket

Optimist Detector Locket necklace with house and birds
Optimist Detector Locket

These divination lockets can be used to interpret whether someone is feeling optimistic or pessimistic, and often quite a bit more is revealed. Anyone familiar with Tarot cards will find these amulets extremely useful.

These are part of the pop-up “shop”, Into the forest, included in the Oracles & Evacuations exhibit.

WEARABLE PSYCHOLOGY Type–tokens are a series of jewelry, accessories, and baubles that can be used as tools to help us explore our understanding of the people around us. Each piece in the Wearable Psychology line has a different purpose. This amulet can be used to determine the tambor of a person’s life perspective at the moment of viewing.

*Tambor- a set of two interlocking hoops between which cloth is stretched before stitching.

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