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Please note: many of the pieces on this site are much smaller than the images you will see on your screen. Some are between 1 and 3 inches tall. The blog contains new pieces (pre-contextualization), recent news, and an archive of older artwork, all sortable by medium.

Painted portrait of a woman channeling lightning with hands folded in her lap, by Sarah Zar. Elemental magic artwork, materia prima alchemy exhibition.

Oracles & Evacuations

Oracles and Evacuations is a combination of installation, projection, mysterium, psychological amulets, painting, drawing, an imaginary pop-up oracle shop/performance piece called Into The Forest*, and other curiosities.  The project deals with oracles, evacuations, trauma, and the roles of deception and imagination in healing.  What you see here are small elements from the large installation of the …

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