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Riddled With Spots in the Museum of Modern Art bookstore, New York City, 2018

Art Book now available at MoMA

Dear Fiends, my elfin* art book, Riddled With Spots, is now available at the Museum Of Modern Art, and costs only a palindrome. I am very excited to see it sandwiched between bodies/works from Kiki Smith, Salvador Dalí, Judy Chicago, Miyazaki, and Omar Kholeif! If you find yourself in NYC, looking for a special gift for …

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An illustration for Brendan Schweda's upcoming book, "The Order Of The Days". He's investigating the ancient roots of the concept of days, and their symbolic progression through the history of our kind. All of the components in the drawing are tied to the history of Saturday, it's gods, myths, and archetypes, by Sarah Zar

The Order of the Days – Book Release at Bizarre Bushwick

Book Release Party in Brooklyn This has been a whirlwind season for books!  For those of you who are local, I’d like to invite you to a book release party this Sunday, at Bizarre Bushwick.  We are gathering to celebrate a fascinating, esoteric book released by my publisher, A. Keck Press, called “The Order of the …

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Sarah Zar's Famous Cranberry Sauce Recipe

True Blathe Cranberry Sass

In the spirit of both the bloody historical implications, and the tradition of sharing food and gratitude with blood and kin, I offer you my favorite cranberry sauce recipe. As an added bonus to cooking with painters, this one looks very much like a gothic bloodbath.

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Time to make art, a palette knife for time based media, by Sarah Zar. The mixing area of this art tool is made from the hour and second hands of a clock.

This Is Why The World Needs You

Dear Artists, We’re all feeling it today, but remember this: the presence of the arts and their makers is the number one indicator of a safe space. Where there is art, there is room for the Other. Acts of creation are signposts, proving that places still exist where it is safe to freely make art. …

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