Sarah Zar

MFA in Painting, Montclair State University, 2008-2010.
  Studied with Julie Heffernan, Matthew Nichols, and Eleanor Heartney.
Bachelor of Arts, Painting, State University of New York at Albany, 2005.
  Mentors: David Carbone, Pierre Joris, and Mark Greenwold.
Studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, 2002-2003
Renaissance Caste Drawing Apprenticeship, Rochester, NY, 1990s

Bigger On The Inside: A Gestalt In One Room, solo show, Guilford Art Center, CT, Feb. 12 – May 16, 2022
57th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Strohl Art Center / Main Gallery, Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution, NY, June 2014, (juror: Jerry Saltz)
Nomads On The Shore, solo show, Afterhours Projects, Toronto, Canada, October 2013
Recession Ghosts, solo show, Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ, February 2010
Fence Select Juried Exhibition, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, NY, July- August 2006 (juror: Nato Thompson). *First place winner.

6x6x2017, Rochester Contemporary Art Center, 2017
Materia Prima.  Curator Stephen Romano. BLAM Brooklyn, NY, Nov 4- 27, 2016
DESTINESIA. Curator D.H. Dowling. Stephen Romano Gallery, NY, June 2- July 31, 2016
Party at Chris’s House. Curator Phong Bui. Janet Kurnatowski Gallery, NY, Nov.-Dec. 2009
Forever Summer, Denise Bibro Fine Art/ Platform Gallery, NY, NY, June 26-July 3, 2009
From Across The River, Steuben West Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, Jan. 2009
Major Works By Minors, Athens Cultural Center, NY, October-December, 2007 (Curator: Howard Zar)
Vestuary Operatics – A Spectacle of Decay, St. Anthony’s Church, Grand Street Community Arts, Albany, NY, June 2007 (Curators: Michael Oatman and Ryder Cooley)
Fence Show, The Arts Center of the Capital Region, NY, June 2006 (Juror: Nato Thompson, MassMOCA)
Color and Light, Athens Cultural Center, NY, April- May 2006 (Curator: Howard Zar)
Menagerie Art Circus Benefit, Albany Center Galleries, NY, Oct. 2005 (Curators: Jason and Sarah Martinez)

Castel Dell Ovo, Naples, Italy, 2016
Livestream Public. Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. August 2015
Spring Salon. Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. April 2014
Embodiment of Emotion . Alpha Art Gallery. New Brunswick, NJ. August 2011
Mailto. Drift Station Gallery. Curated by Angeles Cossio & Jeff Thompson. Lincoln, Nebraska. June 2011
Sound Central Global Rock Afghanistan. The Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY.  October, 2011
Nice to Meet You. Sloan Fine Art, New York, NY, June 16 through July 31, 2010
Super Passage. Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, May 2010
The War On Insight. Ed Reilly, Sarah Zar. Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ, November 2009
Excess Pounds. Index Art Gallery, Newark, NJ, August 15, 2009
Animal Husbandry. Ed Reilly, Sarah Zar and Saydi Kaufman. Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ, March 2009
I Lost The War. Sarah Zar and Amanda Potter. Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ, Oct. 2008
Nothing but Drawings, Sketches, Doodles, Wizbangs, and Scallywags, Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ, October 2008
MFA Student Exhibition, Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ, September 2008
Antiverse, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, January-February 2008
Songs For The River, Troy, NY, September, 2007
Drawn Close, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, July-August 2007
Ocular Gratification, Exhibition Space, S.U.N.Y. at Albany, NY, April, 2006
Senior Art Show, Exhibition Space, S.U.N.Y. Albany, NY, 2006, 2005, 2004
The Ontario College of Art and Design Exhibition of Selected Student Works, Toronto, CA, Fall 2003
Mike Parsons’ Artists Off The Walls Show, Toronto, CA, Aug. 2003
Prison Letters, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, Jul.-Aug. 2003
Delire de Proprete, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, May-Jun. 2003
Deserts of Constriction, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, March-April 2003
Grime, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, Jan.-Feb. 2003
The Ouroboros Factory, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, Nov.-Dec. 2002
Okay With Passion, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, Sept.-Oct. 2002
Five Crows From the Volery: selections in ink, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, Jul.- Aug. 2002
Shadows and Fog, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, May-June 2002
The Relayer Show, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, March-April 2002

On-site curator, Arts Terminal, Upper Galilee, IL  2019-2022
Various shows and benefits at the Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn, NY.  2009-2011
Editorial Crew, On and On Screen, Philadelphia, PA, Spring 2009 – 2012
Mister Artsee SideShow Exhibition, The Gowanus Ballroom, New York, 2010
Portals and Port-smiths, Finley Gallery, Montclair, NJ, October 2008
Co-curator, The Green Room, Toronto, CA, 2002-2003

Built & ran an arts/music complex in the Galilee, taught private and group classes in drawing & painting 2017-22
Teacher, various art and theory courses on visual literacy, studio arts, microexpressions, and nonverbal communication theory, CSS, Harlem, NY, 2013- 2015
Adjunct Professor, Contemporary Art and Aesthetics, Montclair State University, 2010 – 2011
Graduate Assistant Teacher, various courses (Silversmithing Design, BFA Studio, Mural Painting), M.S.U., 2009- 2010
Co-Preceptor with Professor Delano, Foundations of Great Ideas, Presidential Scholar Program, S.U.N.Y. Albany, 2005

The Hive NYC, Critical Theory Workshop, Brooklyn, NY, 2011
Montclair State University, MFA website workshop, Montclair, NJ, Winter 2010
Montclair State University, MFA and BFA lectures, “Logical Magicanism”, Montclair, NJ, Fall 2009
Montclair State University jewelry studio, “Unified Design in Metalsmithing”, Montclair, NJ, Fall 2009
Kelley Writers House, The language of technology in contemporary post-modern fiction for “After David Foster Wallace”, Locust  Walk, Philadelphia, PA, Oct. 8, 2008


Junk Journal Magazine, 2022
Digital Products through Pegasus Paper Co. HERE and and HERE, 2021-Present
Various Genealogy Publications through House Elves Anonymous, 2020- 2022
On Othering, 2020
Contributing artist, DEMONHUNTR zine, 2020
Lost Sparrow Press Chapbook, 2017
The Knicknackery, 2017
Illustration for The Order of The Days, A. Keck Press, NY, NY, January 2017
Riddled With Spots, S. Zar & Whymper, A. Keck Press, NY, NY, January 2017
Cover Art and Interview, Apex Magazine, Issue 83, Apex Publications, April 2016
Interview with I Paint My Mind, Aug. 2015
Art featured in Kosmosis Volume II: Grand Disasters, 2015
Poetry, On a raintrain, ONandOnScreen Magazine, Fall 2010
Writer/ Consultant, InsideOut Magazine, Hudson River Valley, NY, 2007
Contributing Artist, Hive Mind Zine, Toronto, CA, Jan. 2003
Contributing Artist, Relayer Magazine, Toronto, CA, Jan. – July, 2002
Poetry,“Hazmat Literary Review”, Vol.3, Issue 1,(Clevis Hook Press) Rochester, NY, Spring/Summer 1998

HKAT Artist of the Week, Hong Kong, August 2015
Juried Showcase Winner – Painting Category, Artslant Worldwide, May 2014
Second 2014 Juried Showcase Winner – Painting II, Artslant Worldwide, April 2014
First 2014 Juried Showcase Winner – Painting II, Artslant Worldwide, January 2014
Graduate Assistantship, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, 2009
Graduate Citation, Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, 2009
First Place in the Fence Select Exhibition, Arts Center of Troy, NY, 2006 (Juror: Nato Thompson, Curator of MassMOCA)
The Roanne Kulakoff Award for Painting, Spring 2006
Art Departmental Award for Drawing and Painting, S.U.N.Y. Albany, 2005
Dean’s Commendation for Part-time Students, S.U.N.Y. Albany, NY, Fall 2005
Dean’s List, S.U.N.Y. Albany, NY, 2005, 2004, 1999
Presidential Scholarship, 2006, 2005, 2001, 1999
Private Scholarship, University of Rochester, NY, 2005, 2004
University Honors Scholarship, 2005, 2004
Bradley Smith Art Purchase Award for Sculpture, Rochester, NY, 1999
Grant for a 2 year Apprenticeship in Caste Drawing, Lori Harpole, Rochester, NY, 1997, 1998

River (Live mural painting performances on ladders with C. Ryder Cooley), Albany Center Gallery, Albany NY, July 4 and 18th, 2008
Parting Ways (Collaboration with R. McPhail and Carolyn Ryder Cooley), Athens, NY, Nov. 2007
Dark Well Serenade (Collaboration with Carolyn Ryder Cooley), Athens, NY, Oct. 2007
Songs for The River (Collaboration with Carolyn Ryder Cooley), Troy, NY, September, 2007
Crumbling Pier Serenade (Collaboration with Carolyn Ryder Cooley), The Stewart House, Athens, NY, August 2007
Balcony Vignettes (Collaboration with Carolyn Ryder Cooley), Cedar Grove’s Fourth Annual Summer Party: Thomas Cole House Benefit Dinner, Athens, NY, July 2007
The 30 Year Haunting (Collaboration with Carolyn Ryder Cooley), Jan Galligan’s 30 Year Introspective WORKSPACEd OUT, Albany Center Galleries, Albany, NY, October 2006
Detournement in 132 Minutes (Collaboration with J. Jackson Zazlo), S.U.N.Y. Albany, NY, September 2006
Spectrum Of The Spirits (Collaboration with Carolyn Ryder Cooley), Spectrum 8 Theater, Albany, N.Y. Sept. 2006
Lyrical Apparitions (Collaboration with Ryder Cooley), Monday Cabaret at The Lark Tavern, Albany, NY, May 2006
Sighing Saws and Ne’er Do Wells (Collaboration with Carolyn Ryder Cooley), Menagerie Art Circus Benefit, The Arts Center of The Capital Region, NY, Oct. 2005

Shayfer James, Yula & The Extended Family,  Row Raven Row, The Torcher Chamber Ensemble, Kotorino, Yael Kraus, The Dolchnakov Brigade (with Shlomi Lavie from Marcy Playground), Franz Nicolay (of The Hold Steady and World Inferno Friendship Society), Kevin Tayler, The Marionette Roulette, Music, Performance Art and Spacial Design with Carolyn Ryder Cooley, The Dustbowl Fairies, (Nicole Peyraffitte’s Experimental Cabaret, Albany Center Gallery, Spectrum 8 Theaters, and other sorted sites), variously/ 2005- present.

Props, SHELL– Let’s Go – Sound of Energy. Branded Interactive Entertainment.  Interlude.fm, 2013
Props Master, The Outstanding Mind-Bending Basketball Synergy Machine -Stop motion short.  ESPN    Tribeca Film Festival, Directed by Adam Hootnick, ESPN FILMS/ Resonance Interactive, 2012
Painter, Crush – Drama Short. Sponsored by and produced by HBO Latino, Directed by: Gloria La Morte, 2011
Painter, Surf India – DeadBeat Darling Music Video.  Directed by Adam Hootnick, Resonance Interactive, 2012
Painter, Carioca Cafe – Commercial. Directed by: Mark Tchelistcheff, Production Central, 2011
Props Master, Life on Mars – Interactive music video in collaboration with interlude.fm, Directed by : Daniel Koren, Production Designer: Tamar Meir, 2011
Musical saw player, promo video for the new SONY 3D camera, NY, NY 2011
Painter, Wiggio.com – Branded Entertainment.  Directed by: Tamar Meir, 2013
Bit Part Actress, Flood, 2008
Actress, Jason Murphy’s “Wolf Priestess”, 2007

Costume Designer, CATWALK, Hudson, NY.  November 2013
Body design for the charity event “Have a Heart Fashion Gala”, For Hurricane Katrina via Magdelina Design, Reverb, Toronto, Ontario, 2004