Announcing the publication of “Riddled With Spots”

Riddled with Spots, front book cover image, by S. Zar & Whymper, A. Keck Press
Riddled with Spots, front book cover image, by S. Zar & Whymper, A. Keck Press

About Riddled with Spots

Riddled with Spots is a short, phenomenological book about the Maker’s search. It traces the journey of artists (also known as The Moonlight Hunters) on the search for their creations. This pictorial poem was created as a posthumous collaboration with Charles Whymper. A visual narrative that invites interpretation, the space and pacing reflects how artists internalize the world, and how the world internalizes them.  (*If you’re into literary theory, you’ll probably come up with all sorts of connections hidden inside the poem.  If you plan to use this text to help students practice visual literacy, feel free to contact me directly for a pdf with notes for decoding the connections.) For more information about the book, from an interview the publisher did with Seat of Perception Magazine, click here.


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Riddled with Spots, back book cover image, by S. Zar & Whymper
Riddled with Spots, back cover image, by S. Zar & Whymper


Behind the scenes:

Special thanks to my wonderful editors, muses, supporters, Patreons and collectors:

Naaran Barzilay, Brendan Schweda & A. Keck Press, Thomas Devaney, Howard Zar, Ray Kurdziel, Mike Gonek, Pepi Marzel, Yula Beeri, Lester Salvador, David Siffert, Viktor Tar, Colleen and Joel Davis, Tasha Rose, Pamela Rosen, Alexis Karl, Megan X Thomas,Daniel Ruiz, Pete Carma, Terrance Pryor, Michael Bonanni, Mountain Laurel, Agnes Deja.

Your presence means the worlds to me. Thank you.


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