Art Book now available at MoMA

Dear Fiends, my elfin* art book, Riddled With Spots, is now available at the Museum Of Modern Art, and costs only a palindrome. I am very excited to see it sandwiched between bodies/works from Kiki Smith, Salvador Dalí, Judy Chicago, Miyazaki, and Omar Kholeif! If you find yourself in NYC, looking for a special gift for an artist, this one is full of hidden messages to discover. There is also a hinty codex available upon request.  It is available for any teachers out there who wish to use it to engage Others in acts of symbolic perception.

MoMA Bookstore photo courtesy of @btschweda, A. Keck Press.

*Small and delicate, typically with an attractively mischievous or strange charm. 

P.s. My co-author is deceased, so the toe-tag will have to suffice. Cheers, dear Whymper! #restinspots




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About the Book

Riddled With Spots, by S. Zar (Goodreads Author), and Whymper
Riddled with Spots is a short book about the Maker’s search.  It traces the journey of artists (also known as The Moonlight Hunters) on the search for their creations. This pictorial poem was created as a posthumous collaboration between Charles Whymper and contemporary artist Sarah Zar. A visual narrative that invites interpretation, the space and pacing reflects how artists internalize the world, and how the world internalizes them.

Where to find the art book, Riddled With Spots, online and in stores

You can view and rateRiddled With Spots on Goodreads Here, and order a copy online at barnes and noble, or Amazon.  If you live in New York City, this art book is stocked exclusively at the Museum of Modern Art Bookstore.

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