Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art

Daily Kindwords chautauqua institution Sarah Zar oil paintings
Daily Kindwords


“Daily Kindwords” selected by Jerry Saltz for the 57th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art.  Sunday, June 22 – July 14th, 2014

Text about the show from the Chautauqua Institution website:

The Chautauqua Annual Exhibition is one of the oldest continuously running juried shows in the country. For our 57th year, approximately 25 works from contemporary painters, sculptors, photographers and ceramicists will be selected for this prestigious exhibition. Internationally renowned critic Jerry Saltz is the juror for the Chautauqua Annual this year. Since 2006 Saltz has been senior art critic and a columnist for New York magazine. Formerly the senior art critic for The Village Voice, Saltz has been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Criticism three times. He and Roberta Smith, his wife of 30 years, have been described as a power couple who “shape the New York art conversation, providing competing and compelling points of view in the world’s art capital.”

Christopher Bollen recently wrote of them in Interview Magazine “Each week, the art world waits impatiently—the range of expectation depends on the stakes—for two art-wise voices to file and publish their reviews. Rain or shine, colossal museum retrospective or tiny storefront gallery show, under anesthetizing convention-center dome or open outer-borough sky, Roberta Smith at The New York Times and Jerry Saltz at New York magazine weigh in on the madness, methodology, miraculous efforts, meta-euphoria, and mental blitzkriegs of the current state of visual art. Through their respective writings, both critics have become intrepid bellwethers in appraising and transmitting the prevailing winds of contemporary art—even if it means pushing against trends, contextualizing genres and strategies that the white gallery space leaves out, or reminding us that looking at art is a chancy act of prolonged engagement.”

Juror Jerry Saltz has selected 33 artists to be included in the 57th Chautauqua Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art. There were over 750 entries submitted and only 39 works were chosen.

Mary Johnson, Soumiya Krishnaswamy, Khanh Le, Heidi Leitzke, Hope Levan, Mary Mazziotti, Charles Mintz, Kristin Powers Nowlin, Mark Rentschler, Madelyn Roehrig, Amy Talluto, Lisa Wade, Amy Wright, Colin Alexander, Carrie Alter, Bonnie Ashmore-Davis, John Balacki, Temme Barkin-Leeds, Carol Barsha, Carol Baum, Diana Behl, Zimra Beiner, Candice Flewharty, Dorothy Frey, Sarah Zar, Maria Mangano, Bob Mathews, Leslie Mathis, Mike McConnell, Alison Miller, Betsey Regan, Beth Scher, Hisham Youssef.

Location • Strohl Art Center / Main Gallery
Opening Reception Sunday, June 22 / 3 – 5:00 PM

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