DESTINESIA at Stephen Romano Gallery

destinesia-logo-douglas-howard-dowling-stephen-romano-Art Opening: June 2nd, 20165 PM – 9 PM

Dear Friends, Fiends, and Strangers,

I am writing to invite you all to the opening of D e s t i n e s i a, a show curated by Douglas Howard Dowling, at Stephen Romano Gallery.  Two of my paintings and I will be at the very early part of the opening, before catching a flight overseas (me, not the paintings), and we hope to see some of your beautiful faces there.  If you can only bring one of your faces, you’ll still be welcomed with open arms.  If you bring more than one, however, you may be retroactively rewarded with digital gifts.  D.H. Dowling has a very spectacular vision, and I’m excited to see and share space with these brilliant individuals.

D E S T I N E S I A at Stephen Romano Gallery

“Assembled for the first time at Stephen Romano Gallery, the 33 artists will offer their unique and hauntingly beautiful works that investigate the transience and the art of forgetting. They come from Poland, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Germany, England, and the United States, they are surrealists, abstract expressionists, hyperrealists, minimalists, illustrators, representationalists, collagists, sculptors, and poets. Their works are both analog and digital, they are spiritual and secular. They use colored pencil, scissors, ink, marker, spray paint, oil on canvas, acrylic on panel, found objects, bristle brushes, palette knives, silver nitrate, computers, film, graphite, Polaroids, silverpoint, aluminum leaf, historic nails, paint on reclaimed wood, and words. They invite the viewers to cross the threshold of dreams with them and find their true identities within their works.”

Ana Moriarty, Widewalls

This will be a truly special show, with narrative works from an astonishingly diverse group of international artists.  Pieces include the mysterious realms of Alessandro Sicioldr, and works from A.W. Sommers, Sandy Yagi, Santiago Ydáñez, Robert Steven Connett, Stephen Cefalo, Jeanette Marie Clough, Marsha De La O, Julie Dermansky, Joseba Eskubi, David Fullarton,Ian Gamache, Karto Gimeno, Mark Gleason, Gregory Jacobsen, Lee Jeffries, Clay Lipsky, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Tom McKee, P54, Carol Prusa, Victor Rodriguez, Brooke Shaden, Linnea Strid, Fred Stonehouse, Jaya Su Su, Alexandra Urban, CW Wells, Heather Wilcoxon, Dan Witz, Adam Carnes.

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