MATERIA PRIMA at BLAM Projects Brooklyn

painted portrait of a woman channeling lightning with hands folded in her lap - elemental magic, materia prima
“Channel” by Sarah Zar, Oracles & Evacuations Series, 2016

Opening Reception: 5-9pm, November 4, 2016


MATERIA PRIMA at BLAM Brooklyn will be curated by the eminent interstitial mythographer, Stephen Romano.

The show runs from November 4, 2016 – November 27, 2016.

The exhibition is a mixture of leading contemporary artists, folk art, vernacular photography, esoteric ephemera, outsider art and unexpected images and objects.

“MATERIA PRIMA” is based on the theme of diverse magical practices, challenging the notion that all magic is necessarily dark in nature.

Curator Stephen Romano says,“The exhibition is an articulation of the esoteric nature of the artist as shaman, a producer of art works that serve as social healing devices, to make well again our collective consciousness. To re-inject the forces of hope, optimism and belief of magic into our declining culture. The true artist…the art they make, is a primary experience in and of itself. The creation is an act of magic, a conjuring or a protective spell. It is where the artist makes a stand: socially, politically and spiritually.
{Full Press Release Here}. 

Materia Prima features the contemporary and historical works of:
Alexis Karl, Sarah Zar, Hanna Jaeun, Nyahzul C Blanco, Barry William Hale, Delarosa De La Cruz, Alessandro Sicioldr, Linnea Strid, Colin Christian, Lena Viddo Artist, Gigi Chen, Erin O’Shea, Sam David Gliner, Damien Michaels, Matthew Dutton, Cendrine Ravoni, Ken Weaver, Jel Ena,Teiji Hayama, John D Monteith, Ray Robinson, P54, Jaya Su Su, Erna KD,Charlotte Rodgers, Steven Baines, Lukasz Grochocki, Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Inge Vandormael, Cecilia Avendaño Bobillier, Travis Lawrence, Judith Vergara Garcia, William Blayney, AW Sommers, Brian Sparrow, William H. Mortensen, Francesca Lith Nardi, A. Fiorello, Lori Field, Charles Dellschau, Jakob Böhme, Darcilio Lima

I am very much looking forward to sharing space with all of these hand-some creatures, living catalysts, traces of magicians past and present, artists and otherwise glimmering traces…

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Materia Prima opening at Blam curated by Stephen Romano
Materia Prima opening at Blam, curated by Stephen Romano


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