three women in flames telling secrets - vintage style Real Estate Collages - art by Sarah Zar

Real Estate Collages

Wherein human dwellings transfer themselves onto unattainable canvases, and and dance away into the past with their sisters. click here to view more collages.

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Historic Manscapes 5, a Sarah Zar collage

Historic Manscapes

These Historic Manned-Scape collages exist as a limited edition series of prints. Featured in I Paint My Mind, August 2015. Read the full interview with Evan

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Shadow Static - a Sarah Zar collage- bllack and white woman with door in her head, behind the ear

Deportment of the Interior

Cultural commemoration collages from the “Deportment of the Interior” series. Featured in I Paint My Mind, August 2015. Read the full interview with Evan La Ruffa here: THE

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A blue monotone landscape oil painting by Sarah Zar. People with houses for heads enter the water near a house on a cliff, in San Francisco, California.

Nomads On The Shore

For a solo show at Afterhours, Toronto.   NOMADS ON THE SHORE An affinity for the times between actions, the moments before and after irreversible

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Hurricane Woman opening chest blue Sarah Zar oil portrait water paintings


Lonely paintings waiting for connections. They come here to meet up, mix, and re-contextualize each other. Some stay here, eternally single, never quite finding anything

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Visitations-portrait-detail Sarah Zar


Measurements unknown, due to non-existence. These 35mm black and white photographs are all lost. The negatives were destroyed in a flood. No known prints remain.

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black and white photograph of a woman, artist Sarah Zar, in a room full of branches.


Lady of the Brambles was an interactive installation/ performance for the VESTUARY OPERATICS show in Saint Anthony’s Cathedral, Albany, NY, 2007. VESTUARY OPERATICS was curated by Ryder Cooley

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Brooklyn musical saw player Sarah Zar

Lost Circus

  Press “Take a Tim Burton film. Now make it darker (if possible) and sexier (yes, please)…in a stroke of maniacal genius… bringing steampunk fantasy

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The New Or Times Sarah Zar collage

The New Or Times

My generation’s expectations have been shaped by the incredible books and print media of the past, but our future has been digitized. Leaving The Forest

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