The War On Imagination

Help me protect the arts in “The War On Imagination”

a virtual community art collaboration that you can participate in.  All you need is a dollar and a photo of yourself.

The War On Imagination
Cloud Weaver, 2020

No surprise here, but I had another one of my crazy ideas… I want to include my long-distance and virtual community in my creative life more.  So I’m going to be starting a big collaborative project called The War On Imagination.

This will be a large scale work of art, all about protecting creativity and making space in the world for imagination.

for the creative warriors in the image, I will need pictures of many people to use as photo references. And if you have a face, you can be in it!  I don’t want to give too much away about the picture before it’s made, but I can tell you that it will be a huge narrative scene, both surreal and peculiar.

I’m hoping to include hundreds of artists, makers, actors, musicians, writers, interesting humans, and patrons of the arts, who will all be featured as defenders of The Imagination.

Anyone who becomes a patron of mine on Patreon (which you can do for less than the price of a cup of coffee each month) will get their face (or body) included in this huge painting project. You also have the option of sending someone else’s face instead of yours.

join the project HERE.


If you want to be involved and support this project, join my project at All patrons at every level will be featured in this image. Feel free to share this project with any protectors of inner worlds who may like to be involved.

Joining the Patreon will give you access to all sorts of extra gifts and updates from inside my studio, Lightning Hall.  If you prefer to make a one-time contribution just to support this project without the extra behind-the-scenes access, you can use the yellow donate button at the bottom of this page to make a contribution through PayPal.

[Existing Patrons: You will have the choice of being in the image and/or nominating a loved one or favorite being or creator from history. I’ll let you know when I need your selections.]

I want this to be an inclusive image and am hoping all sorts of people will join this strange and heroic scene!