Project Type: Painting

A blue monotone landscape oil painting by Sarah Zar. People with houses for heads enter the water near a house on a cliff, in San Francisco, California.

Nomads On The Shore

For a solo show at Afterhours, Toronto.   NOMADS ON THE SHORE An affinity for the times between actions, the moments before and after irreversible change… these fragments of illusory stillness, just before everything shatters into action… this affinity is the ghost of inherited memory. I revel in the aloofness of my perch, the idea …

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Hurricane Woman opening chest blue Sarah Zar oil portrait water paintings


Lonely paintings waiting for connections. They come here to meet up, mix, and re-contextualize each other. Some stay here, eternally single, never quite finding anything to hold onto, some have more luck. When they make a meaningful connection, they often run off together, leaving this gallery of lost souls. If they have really good chemistry, …

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woman golfer swinging butterfly net - Sarah Zar oil paintings - The Withing in the Woods Series

The Withing In The Woods

This collection is comprised of paper, oil paint, recycled woods, and the occasional antique hand-hewn nail. The frames were the result of a collaboration with Man From The Woods. click here to view more paintings.

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An orange and green oil painting on wood of two headless schoolgirls walking in the forest. Fire Paintings by Sarah Zar.

The Well-Diggers’ Triptych

A piece written about this show by the juror: DRINK FROM THE RIVER OF NOWHERE By Nato Thompson I sat drinking and did not notice the dusk, Till falling petals filled the folds of my dress. Drunken I rose and walked to the moonlit stream; The birds were gone, and men also few. – Li …

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