Project Type: Performance

black and white photograph of a woman, artist Sarah Zar, in a room full of branches.


Lady of the Brambles was an interactive installation/ performance for the VESTUARY OPERATICS show in Saint Anthony’s Cathedral, Albany, NY, 2007. VESTUARY OPERATICS was curated by Ryder Cooley and Michael Oatman on behalf of the Grand Street Community Arts Center, and made possible by the generous support and vision of Jeff Root and Emily Collins.  Albany, NY “This …

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Brooklyn musical saw player Sarah Zar

Lost Circus

  Press “Take a Tim Burton film. Now make it darker (if possible) and sexier (yes, please)…in a stroke of maniacal genius… bringing steampunk fantasy to life” – The Village Voice “A late-night extravaganza…where the big top and cabaret collide” – The New York Post. “Grown-ups can mingle with fire-breathers and live out their big …

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